Malawi Talent Fund (MTF) was founded in 2015 to implement a strategy for economic sustainment through job creation and personal development, breaking the dependence on foreign aid in Malawi Africa. 

Our intent is…

  • Job Creation
  • Career Development
  • Mentorship 

We are a registered, 501.c.3 US-based organization with three primary functions:

  1. Raising capital funds to be used to create businesses in Malawi
  2. Overseeing and managing—through metrics—the distribution and effective utilization of the capital
  3. End-to-end operational oversight of MTF created businesses

Malawi Talent Fund will focus on businesses that can scale, with the potential to employ hundreds—if not thousands—of people in Malawi. MTF is seeking investors to provide capital through donations in $1,000 increments, called talents. Our Phase One capital pool requirement is $200,000. Our Phase Two capital pool requirement is an additional $300,000.