Malawi, Africa is one of the poorest countries on earth. With unemployment well above 70%, those fortunate to have work earn, on average, a mere $2 or so USD per day. Over 10% (1 Million+) of the population is comprised of AIDS orphans. The life expectancy is between 41 and 45 years of age.

In 2004, The Passion Center for Children (PCC) was founded by Eric Sythoff in Zomba, Malawi to rescue, redeem, and restore AIDS orphans. PCC’s mission is to focus on the whole child, for their whole life, and for their whole community. The “whole child” is a term that encompasses each individual’s spiritual, mental and physical well-being. The whole community includes all orphans, guardians, and the surrounding village support structure. 

The PCC has grown to support more than 300 orphans within their surrounding 12 villages and is 100% dependent upon donations from the United States. There is a tremendous need beyond the scope of the PCC for self-sufficiency through job creation and economic development. Graduating PCC kids need jobs as do their adult guardians.

Malawi Talent Fund (MTF) was founded in 2014 by members of PCC to focus directly on self-sustainment through targeted economic development. Specifically, our intent is:

  • Job creation
  • Career development
  • Mentorship 

All of these will lead to self-sustainment at levels above the local poverty level. 

MTF is a registered, 501.c.3 US-based organization governed by an all-volunteer, US-based board of directors. Each member of the board is an accomplished business professional with high moral standards and integrity, dedicated to focusing on MTF’s three primary functions:

  1. Raising capital funds to be used to create businesses in Malawi
  2. Overseeing and managing, through metrics, the distribution and effective utilization of the capital
  3. End-to-end operational oversight of MTF created businesses

MTF will focus on business that can scale, with the potential to employ hundreds, if not thousands of people in Malawi. An initial core business will be a back-office, shared-services organization to be used by all MTF businesses. The shared services will give each business a competitive advantage, mitigating start-up risk, and providing predictable costs and leveraged procurement advantages.

MTF will actively recruit, train and facilitate the development of widows, guardians, and young adult orphans from the local PCC communities. We will actively recruit and train women to become business leaders in their communities.

MTF is seeking investors to provide capital through donations in $1,000 increments called “Talents.” Talent owners will receive periodic updates and metrics as they relate to job creation. Our phase one capital pool requirement is $200,000. Our phase two capital pool requirement is an additional $300,000.